Healer (professional practice since 1990) Psychologist Psychoinformatician


  • help in psychological situations (low self-esteem, complexes, fear, nervousness, etc.);
  • healing correction of the spine, bones and movement apparatus;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • addictions (alcoholism, smoking, etc.);
  • digestive tract dysfunctions and excess weight;
  • nervous system disorders (insomnia, anxiety, phobias);
  • family (relationship crisis, fraud, jealousy, etc.) and children (enuresis, logoneurosis, memory and attention disorders, etc.) problems;
  • clarification and analysis of the causes of health disorders;
  • development of programs for complex purification and recovery of the organism (individually);
  • psycho-emotional and energy-informative preparation of “sports stars” & teams, awakening their hidden abilities and maximally activating internal resources;
  • preparation of recommendations for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
Directions of action:
  • individual healing sessions and psychological consultations;
  • lectures and seminars;
  • training: meditation, autogenic training, trance;
  • International Academy of Professional Healing – organization of the teaching process of Face-to-face and Distance Learning departments;
  • preparing future healers and psychics for certification – theory and practice;
  • School of Practical Healing “Art of Healing” – 7 grades;
  • management of the “Pie Oskara” Health resort group on the Facebook platform;
  • field seminars and consultations in other cities and countries;
  • healing help – also by photo, from a distance and on the Internet;
  • social-psychological training (development of extrasensory abilities; personality growth; creativity nowadays; raising self-confidence; stress transformation; building a cohesive team, survival in extreme conditions, etc.);
  • Health club “Sirds” (“Heart”) – for all interested people – for walkers of the spiritual path.
Contacts: Tel.: +371-67275910; Mobile: +371-29489221. E-mail: oscarsp@inbox.lv www.akvilona.lv

Healer Oskars Peipiņš invites you to

Author School of Practical Healing –

“Art of Healing”.

Classes take place in person and/or on the ZOOM platform.

1 Author:

Oskars Peipiņš – healers have been in his genealogy for several generations. Member of UNESCO World Folk Medicine Association. Higher psychological education. He has been professionally engaged in healing since 1990. Honorary Doctor in Biomedicine. Doctor of Indo-Tibetan medicine. Academician, professor, doctor of sciences. Chairman of the World Professional Healers and Psychics League (WPHPL). Founder and rector of the International Academy of Professional Healing. Member of the Board of the Healing Center “AKVILONA”.

2 Purpose of school lessons:

Learning the theoretical knowledge and techniques of the author of the school (which are aimed at the restoration and maintenance of the whole of human health). Application of the mentioned methodologies in individual healing practice. Extensive work in the education of modern society in the field of popularizing folk medicine and healing.

School classes are held according to a 7-step system: no age limit.

Unique and effective methods of an integrated approach to human health will allow you to really heal yourself and learn how to heal others, a synthesis of theory with practice will provide the desired result!

Stage I – “The Art of Being Yourself”;

Stage II – “The Art of Healing Yourself”;

Stage III – “The Art of Being Healthy”;

Stage IV – “The Art of Radiating Light”;

Stage V – “The Art of Being Conscious and Seeing

Without Looking”;

Stage VI – “The Art of Loving and Being Loved”;

Stage VII – “The Art of Healing Others”.Languages ​​in the classroom: Latvian, Russian.

Or with your translator into another language.

Address: st. Terbatas 49/51-1 (door code – 1), Riga, Latvia.

Information and appointment by phone: +371-67275910 and +371-29489221.