We accept all those interested in the studies without prior knowledge, without age, etc. c. restrictions. Our Academy is one of the first in the world, where such extensive

knowledge in various areas of life is provided together.

Training streams – Latvian and Russian.


Classes are held in the Face-to-face department: Healing center “AKVILONA” in the conference hall, Tērbatas Street 49/51-1 (door code: 1key3188), Riga. In the Distance learning department, classes are held on the ZOOM platform. Attendance is conducted video recording of the department’s lectures, in which students of the Distance Learning Department also participate remotely and actively. Participants of both departments, who will never have the opportunity to be present at online lectures, will receive their video recordings.

Basic program: 2 academic years (September – June).

Course I: “Know and arrange (heal) yourself”; II course: “Connects theory with practice. Help others”; III course: Master class – “Qualification development for IAPH graduates”.

Homework is assigned, practical work must be done, a Coursework and Diploma Thesis must be prepared and presented. Instructors – leading Latvian and international specialists in various fields: healers, psychologists, doctors, etc.

Attention! You can submit documents and enroll in all IAPH faculties and departments throughout the school year.


Healing, basic medical knowledge (anatomy, psychiatry, physiology and pathology) and first aid, psychology, psychotherapy, holistics, eniology, homeopathy, cosmohumanism, herbal medicine, astrology, su-jok, Ayurveda, valeology, ethics, self-regulation and altered states of consciousness (meditation, autogenic training, etc.), massage, bioenergetics, neurolinguistic programming, history of spiritual and religious teachings, nutrition teaching, rhetoric, aromatherapy, biolocation, natural healing, art therapy (music, colors), etc.


You can submit documents and enroll in all IAPH faculties and departments throughout the school year.

Instructors – leading Latvian and global specialists in Cosmohumanism: healers, psychologists, educators, doctors, etc.

By successfully applying the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, you will obtain the qualification of a certified Psychoinformatician.

The Academy has been granted International status because:

1) our list of lecturers also includes foreign specialists;

2) the majority of our local teachers have received an excellent education outside of Latvia;

3) The curriculum of the Academy is approved and monitored by World Professional Healing and Psychics League.

While studying at the Academy, there is an opportunity to obtain an International Class Healer and/or Psychic Certificate.


Entry fee and Fees for lectures.

The payment may be reduced due to the specifics of the services provided by the Academy.

An individually developed discount system works for each individual listener: – for each person who attends studies at the Academy following your recommendation, you receive a 33% discount on the tuition fee; – in cases where two members of the same family attend the studies, each of them receives a 33% discount on the study fee; – pensioners and disabled people receive a 50% discount on tuition fees; – barter relations etc. are possible. mutually beneficial options.

Tuition payments can be made in person (in cash) in Riga, Tērbatas Street 49/51-1, “AKVILONA”, or by bank transfer: SIA “AKVILONA”, Tērbatas 49/51-1, Rīga, LV-1011, Reg. No. 40003462720, VAT reg. No. LV40003462720, A/S SEB BANKA, Code UNLALV2X, Account no. LV96UNLA0002041469322, Purpose of payment: For studies.

You can pay for the lessons before the current seminar or during the seminar. Irrespective of the number of lectures attended, tuition fees must be paid in full. Persons who cannot attend the seminar due to various circumstances shall pay the tuition fee in full within 15 (fifteen) calendar days after the end of the seminar (to a bank account or in person).

MUST BE SUBMITTED WHEN ENTERING THE ACADEMY (in person or electronically):

– submission; – passport or ID card; – photo (for documents); – documents certifying education; – if any – pensioner/disabled person’s Certificate.


“AKVILONA” SIA, Terbatas Street 49/51-1, Riga, Republic of Latvia, LV-1011,
Ph./fax: (+371) 67275910, Mob.: (+371) 29489221 akvilona@inbox.lv