clairvoyance (spiritual clairvoyance); international seminars; Master classes; screenings in person and online;

A. Luchezarnaya center of spiritual practices “Meeting with Self”; cooperation with the Healing Center “AKVILONA” (since 2004).

Registration for a individual (remote) sessions with Aliya LUCHEZARNAYA: by mob.: +371 294 892 21 or by e-mail:

In 2004-2020, the AKVILONA Healing Center regularly organized visits and numerous face-to-face events with the participation of Aliya LUCHEZARNAYA in Latvia: seminars “Meeting with Yourself”; “Round tables”; individual sessions; appearances on radio and TV; lectures at the International Academy of Professional Healing; trips with speeches around the country.

In 2021, the Healing center “AKVILONA” organized 4 webinars (including the “Round Table”) on the ZOOM platform with the participation of Aliya Luchezarnaya.

3 webinars (including the “Round Table”) were also held in 2022.

Similar events are planned in the future. Please follow the information and apply for your membership!