“I have in my now 34 year old life no count on how many different clairvoyants / medium / psychics etc, I’ve been with and sought a little advice and guidance … so yes, I have experienced talented and less talented, sharp and less sharp clairvoyants, mediums etc. …. but NOTHING of all that I have ever experienced can be compared to my experience with Aliya. I was from the beginning well informed about how a session with Aliya would take place. It was really nice because I had not met her before. Because of this I could come to her without any expectations.
In this information it was written that it was not uncommon that one would start to cry as she hits the real crucial ….. in my still mind, I thought – no, I do not think it is going to happen to me. But yes. It’s hard to describe in words how it is like to be with Aliya. It is not really understandable how she can be so sharp, loving and accurate in EVERYTHING she says – even the people who are in some way involved in the problematic situation I was facing she could feel and describes them as if she has known them all her life. Several times during the reading I felt a heaviness get off from my body and I felt the nicest, gentlest energy flowing through me. Never before have I felt so “seen” and “met” by such a competent person as Aliya – and Freddy is by the way making the process of translation so nice and frictionless. I was a little annoyed that I did not get all these gems recorded – but I was surprised when I later sat down with my pad and pen – that ALL information came to me again, almost like in waves … and when one wave was over and I was about to stop, the next wave of information from the session came. To write it all down afterwards has for me made ​​the whole process and experience even more unique. I am full of gratitude!”
   ~ Maria Karkov, physiotherapist, Copenhagen, Denmark (www.goodhealth.dk)

From Aliya’s book “The Voice of Silence”
Hi. My name is Patrik Bladh and I work as the CEO of a Swedish company. I’ve had the pleasure to have a personal consultation with Aliya. During my fifty-two years I have done many spiritual consultations of various types, including astrology, in several countries. But never before have I experienced something that coincided so well with the way things actually are in my life, as her consultations. It was overwhelming for me to experience her perception, and how she describes in detail and answers questions.
A big part of the consultation was that when Aliya saw a problem, she went deeper and deeper into it, so that I finally understood so much that I have been able to change both myself and the situation I have found myself in.
I have no idea where she gets her knowledge from, but in the Indian philosophy, there is something called ritambara pragyam, which is the truth-bearing level of consciousness, and that’s probably what she is in contact with; or it is some aspect of the Akashic Record, or something similar. For there are absolutely no personal interpretations or emotional additions from her part. It is simply pure truth that comes forth.
I must admit that I am deeply impressed, and I recommend anyone with problems or issues related to their marriage, children, or the like, to take a consultation with Aliya. It can change people’s lives. As far as I have understood, her ability to see spiritually has increased since I first met her, and it is probably because she has become even more pure in the heart. One can see that she has a strong charisma, and is more like an innocent child.
In my opinion, Aliya one of the best clairvoyant mediums in the world, if not the very best.
Good luck!

Lasīt vairāk