Since 1999, we have been bringing together like-minded people

whose intellectual development includes Love, enlightenment and healing. Join too!

What is – AKVILONA?

Let’s remember the miraculous Wind in ancient mythological texts. Only the name of the male family – Akvilon – is mentioned there. But what can a man do without women? The whole is formed from two equal halves! And the Woman quickly appeared. While reading the works of the famous French clairvoyant and astrologer Michel Nostradamus, we came across a reference to a fabulous country, which was once famous for the fact that everyone, disagreements and, of course, wars would end there. He has named this country AKVILONA. Why should we not dare to try to create a micro-model of such a country in our company, uniting under our umbrella representatives of various professions and fields of activity who are able to help a person restore, restore and increase his health: healers, educators, psychologists, social workers, artists, musicians, doctors, etc.?.. It is well known to everyone that “aqua” (Latin aqua – water) is the primary source of the structure of the world and the basic element of all living things. Scientists claim that the brain mass of a newborn human is approximately 81% water! If “Akva” (Water) has such an important role among all the known Natural Elements, then “lona” obviously denotes all the Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Metal, Tree, Stone. Because how can we manage with just one Water, when we are creating, if not Paradise itself on Earth, then a country (state) in which wars have (and will be in the future) ended, because everything and everyone is in mutual Harmony? We will also try to explain how we decode the 3 strongest color tones in our company logo, which form a spectral composition, serving as a unique background for the company name “AKVILONA”. Red, yellow (gold) and blue – here is the idea of the Holy Trinity, the Unity of Earth, Sun and Sky, and the Wholeness of Body, Soul and Spirit.


We consider it our mission to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle; promote in people the desire to learn to live according to the laws of the universe and Nature, learning, understanding and harmonizing themselves; share the warmth of your Heart, with knowledge and experience that would help all walkers of the Path of Life to achieve and ensure Wholeness of Spirit, Soul and Body.

The “AKVILONA” Healing center offers:

  • healers, psychics, etc. specialist consultations;
  • goods – for health (teas; books; magazines, etc.);
  • counseling of young healers and psychics, preparation for certification;
  • Studies of the Face-to-face and Distance Learning departments of the International Academy of Professional Medicine: a) Faculty of Medicine; b) Faculty of Psychoinformatics;
  • “Art of Healing” seminars of Oskars Peipins School of Practical Healing;
  • summer camps dedicated to recovery issues “VESELOKASE” and “DZĪVO. PRIECĀJIES. MĪLI”;
  • Latvian branch of the International Academy of Informatics – activities of the Department of Cosmohumanism;
  • Ukrainian-Belgian prof. Organizing Albert A. KLOSS-IGNATENKO seminars in Latvia and abroad;
  • Organizing screenings and seminars of Alija LUČEZARNAJA in Latvia;
  • Events of the “SIRDS” (“HEART”) Health club;
  • massages;
  • we rent rooms for seminars, presentations and individual screenings;
  • we rent out a conference hall (68m2) in the very center of Riga – for health-promoting, cultural and spiritual events – Tērbatas street 49/51-1 (door code: 1). Inquiries by phone: +371-67275910 and mobile: +371-29489221.





healer, psychologist, head of the Healing Center AKVILONA

If you have already learned
not to hurt any living thing
on Earth, then now begin to create what will make
our planet even more wonderful.


You with God, I with God.
God and I are good people.


“If you ever want to find a person who could overcome any, even the heaviest sorrow and make you happy when no one else can: You just look in the mirror and say “Hello!””.
/R. Bach/


“If you want to know what you did in a past life, look at your current state. If you want to know your future, look at your current actions”.
/Buddha Shakyamuni/


The Healing center AKVILONA organized our famous dancers, choreographers and teachers Vija VĒTRA (USA)

performance at the Third Generation Health University in Jelgava.

The Healing Center AKVILONA has launched the Healing HAPPINESS Calendar for 2021 with the advice of 27 well-known experts in Latvia, how to restore, strengthen, increase the Health of Spirit, Soul and Body, and how to become happy. Content-rich wall calendar – a great gift for all holidays of the year! Read, enjoy, rejoice!