The International Academy of Professional Healing “AKVILONA” (IAPH) was founded in 2000.

“True faith only comes from true knowledge. By getting to know and learning the theory and practice of healing, you will know and understand Yourself. If, by harmonizing Yourself, you ever notice that your surroundings also become organized, then know for sure – HEALING has begun!”

Acad., DrSc, Rector of IAPH Oskars PEIPIŅŠ.

Deciphering the symbol: two circles that are placed one above the other and meet at one point – a symbolic image of the concept of “Infinity”. The upper part of the composition is one of the oldest images of the Chinese monad, which symbolizes the interaction of two cosmic principles, which ensure the dynamics of processes in the construction of the World. The lower part of the composition – the transformation of the upper part in the geometrical-algebraic way of transformation into a figure known as “cardioid”. This figure is a plane image of a spatial cardioid (“rotating cardioid”), which symbolizes the model of the space-time continuum. Translation of expressions from Latin: “Mens agitat molem” – thought drives matter; “Omnia vincit amor” – love conquers all.

International Academy of Professional Healing welcomes the audience:

  • Faculty of HEALING (Full-time department – Latvian and Russian streams);

Course I: “Know and arrange (heal) yourself”;

II course: “Connects theory with practice. Help others”;

III course: Master class – “Raising the qualifications of our graduates.

We have a unique experience that gives you a real opportunity to become a certified specialist with an Internationally Recognized Healer and/or Psychic Certificate.

  • In the Faculty of Healing (Distance Learning – Latvian and Russian streams), classes are held on the Zoom platform;
  • Faculty of Psychoinformatics (Full-time department – Latvian and Russian streams);
  • Classes at the Faculty of Psychoinformatics (Distance Learning – Latvian and Russian streams) are held on the Zoom platform.

Knowledge belongs to everyone who wants to get it! Information:

In the Healing center “AKVILONA“, Tērbatas street 49/51-1 (door code-1), Riga. Phone: +371-67275910., mobile: +371-29196664; +371-29489221;

Write your applications and questions to E-mail: