Patient testimonials for Oskars Peipiņš

01.2020 I quit smoking after your four sessions. Thank you! I calculated that in these three years I would have smoked 3,600 euros! When I’m in Riga, can I go to the office of the Healing Center “AKVILONA” and pay you an amount at the cash register? Sincerely, Fishing vessel cook S.

30.01.11 Oscar, unbelievable, but within a month you have literally breathed new life into my life! I have recovered myself, got a very good new job, and I am even able to help others – in connection with my experience! I’m not trying to flatter, just inferring. G.

18.12.10 Dear Thank you for the second LIFE! May God’s blessing come to you from Heaven! M. with his family.

04.01.11 My periods continued for more than a month. I was abroad all this time, so I asked you to work with me remotely. After two days the crazy bleeding stopped and I can go back to life again. Thank you very much! E.J.

13.05.11. You once told me that in a couple of years the doctors would be surprised by my blood tests. I went to the doctor in the UK yesterday, and the results of the blood test are really perfect. To which the doctor said he envied me – in a good way. Thank you and me for visiting you. I am so happy and proud inside. I want to hug you tightly at this moment! Lots and lots of heart love from me! D.

02.03.18 Thank you again for yesterday’s session, I felt something so special during that time, it seems that I have gotten rid of some great weight that lived in me, today it has become much easier to live, calmer, thoughts are no longer so raging and oppressive. I am grateful to God that I have come to You, I know that there is still a long way to go, but I feel that it is the right one. May God bless you and what you do! L.K.

22.09.17 Sincere thanks for your help, I can walk now. I.E.

26.05.16 I really want to share with you. In fact, to say Thank you, because this is also your merit – the light you ignited in me and the courage you sowed in me. The “inner helmsman” took me away, and I found another job with a very bright and familial team, and a good salary. Thanks to your long-distance support, two 2-hour long job interviews turned out to be so easy, sincere and bright that I am still amazed. And I was just being myself. V.A.

28.05.16 You healed my wolf dog. Thank you sincerely! Now Jeremy, an equally big black-gray boy, hasn’t eaten for a week. And one kidney does not want to work. Can you connect to him please. D., in Mazsalac.

26.05.16 My son (8 months) had a high temperature for the third day: 38-39. With Nurofen 3 times a day, we brought it down a little, but it did not decrease. We didn’t know the cause of the temperature, maybe it was 3 teeth cutting at the same time… It seemed that the baby was already tired of it. I am asking you for energetic help from a distance. We are very grateful for your help! You have miracles in your power. N.J.

17.04.16 I’ve been getting a headache for a while now. I was so dizzy as in a carousel, I could only sleep half-sitting. Sleep came during the day, there was fatigue and weakness. I’ve done movements for the cervical vertebrae and deep breathing, but… I couldn’t do it myself. Then I ask for your intelligent help. Today is better, not dizzy… Thank you for the Sun. Our gray sky has become brighter!. Thank you very much that this morning the Sun is brighter and the sky is bluer, and the morning smile is self-explanatory.? I am much better! Thank you! G.

20.05.13 As for the cough, it’s gone. And a pain in the neck too. Tencin! S.

25.08.13 I would like to inform you about a guy in intensive care with a head injury, whom we asked you to help remotely. The improvement is quite big: he can now breathe on his own, can open his eyes, hear, and can consciously move his right arm and leg. His left side is motionless. But we believe that everything will work out in time. We continue to fulfill your instructions. Thank you! There are positive changes – slowly and very quietly, but he is already starting to speak. Z.R.

18.12.15 Thanks to you, my 7-year-old daughter is happy – she learns the school program perfectly, there are positives everywhere in the 1st semester, although the teachers were worried about the result. My head also became clearer because no medicine helped. Thank you! The pain in my chest is gone! Healing from a distance is very effective! I.

13.10.13 How do you manage so well!!! – my husband is tired of drinking – thank you! A.

17.04.15 There is peace again in my son P.’s home, as his wife O. has apologized to him for everything. Thank you! K., in Germany.

14.06.16 Just wanted to share. After your session, mom feels great. I haven’t seen him so happy in a long time. Thank you!:) E.M.

08.09.17 The retina is firmly attached, strengthened. Very fast. The eye doctor can’t find any retinal detachment now. Thank you very much for the healing help. R.I.

28.08.16 V. writes to you from Liepāja. I came to you for healing, because we could not have a baby for 8 years. I wanted to say thank you very much for helping us. We welcomed a son the day before yesterday. Sincere thanks!

03.06.17 The crisis is over, the doctor can’t find anything particularly wrong with my mother. Thank you! Z.

29.08.16 Greetings from sunny Tenerife! J I was afraid of flying. With your help, we got here without incident! I tell you again – Thank you! R.

18.05.14 I wanted to thank you for your help, because I drank your diluted water and everything else really helped me, thank you very much! As you said that I would be healthy today, it came true… Thank you, Oskar! S.

10.06.15 at At 7:20 I have my driving test today for the first time so early – 9:00 in the morning. This is the fifth attempt to pass it. Could you please connect around that time? at 10:25. Thank you very much! I passed the exam. K., Belgium.

11.10.17 Thank you, Oskar! I haven’t had such a feeling of inner peace in years. Yesterday, the tension and fear in the sides under the ribs and in the intestines around the Solar Plexus finally disappeared. Bronchi cleared up today. I don’t even remember how many years ago I had such a quiet and easy breath. Thank you very much for that. There is also more faith that everything will be OK! R.

15.09.19 As of today, I no longer take this medicine. I drank it after a break for 2 days, and the blood pressure started to drop again. Probably, the body did not like something. It’s better with the stomach. The treatment was successful. I will follow the diet given by the doctors for a while. All bowel and blood tests are good. Kidneys, liver are also fine. It’s all because of Your healing. A.

27.10.17 My mother suddenly fell ill. Highly qualified doctors gave the verdict: “Two weeks left to live. Prepare for the worst.” And at that moment I received the first big touch of God – my inner voice said: “It won’t be like that…Mommy will live for a long time!” It wasn’t delusional or self/mom pity. That voice was independent of anything, and constant. A pent-up joy entered me, despite my mother’s illness, which was progressing by the minute. An unexpected phone call from my mother’s former classmate brought profound changes in both my life and my mother’s. A classmate hadn’t called in many years, and lo and behold, Touch again! The conversation, of course, was about the lost health. During that time, I learned that during his illness, when the doctors could not help him, my mother’s schoolmate turned to the healer Oskars Peipins. I asked about payment and learned that the healer works on donations. I had no real faith, because I had never really experienced healing. It was a neutral topic for me at the time. After the first session, mom felt better – she was able to stand up and walk. I watched and was present at all the screenings. And then, after the second or third screening, the question arose: “How can it be that everything Oskar says and does is known to me, only I didn’t know that I knew it. It got interesting. My mother got better, but I had no peace and I entered the Academy of Healing led by Oscar.

16.08.16 This morning, my 6-year-old daughter herself expressed to me the desire to fly somewhere or ride a ship with me, which she was afraid of all the time. R.K.

16.07.12 I know a lot of people who have been to Oskar, but I have not heard ANY bad reviews. Yes, it has happened that he does not help, he cannot cooperate, he feels – “he is not my healer”. But I have NEVER encountered a bad review. B.

15.06.2018 Twenty years ago, my aunt brought me to you because I had urinary incontinence at night, and I was biting my tongue because I was afraid of Salaveč, who was drunk and spoke in my godfather’s voice. As far as I remember, one visit to you was enough for me to become healthy. Now I want to bring my 6-year-old son to you so that you can remove his fear of dogs. J.

16.07.2012 Oscar reviews are the best. I suffered from menstruation for many years, he guided the meditation, and I never walked at night again. I’ve been to him for several visits, at different times in my life, and I’ve always gotten what I wanted. London.

11.08.13 My acquaintances and friends have gone to him, each of them has had their own methods applied, but everyone who has wanted to work with himself, but not just expect miracles, has been helped. My girlfriend, for example, quit smoking with his help. K.

13.07.2012 I can only say the best things about Peipina. I don’t know how it is with this kind of disorder, but psychologically he helped me, I learned to start loving myself again, my perception of the world changed. All of these, of course, were my previous “fruits of life”. There was no “abra-kadabra” and everything at once Thanks! Chickpea.

14.09.15 I went to Peipin once because I had recurring kidney inflammations. In principle, we just talked (he did something with his hands), but the main recommendation was to do something special in the morning for at least 5 minutes. and strengthen the body with healthier food, etc. It seemed quite “buttery”, but there have been no more problems with the kidneys since then. V. K.

20.03.19 Virene suffered from knees and arthritis, after the hospital she also went to see Oskar. I don’t know what he told her, but she believed that it would be fine, that it wouldn’t hurt. And it’s really ok. S.L.

18.01.19 I had many warts on my hands for 20 years. After three general Oscar screenings, they completely disappeared. Thank you! M.S.

17.07.19 For 23 years, my husband does not drink alcohol after your healing. Peace, understanding and respect returned to the family. Over the years, we have “brought the word” about the abilities and results of our savior Oscar to many people. Thank you very much! A.T.