We accept all those interested in the studies without prior knowledge, without age, etc. restrictions. Our Academy is one of the first in the world, where such extensive knowledge in various areas of life is provided together.
Training streams – Latvian and Russian.
In the Face-to-face Department, classes are held: in the conference hall of the “AKVILONA” Healing Center, Tērbatas Street 49/51-1 (door code: 1 key 3188), Riga. In the Distance Learning Department, classes are held on the ZOOM platform. Classroom lectures are conducted video recording, in which the students of the Distance Learning Department also participate remotely and actively. Participants of both departments, who will never have the opportunity to be present at online lectures, will receive their video recordings.
Basic program: 2 academic years (September – June).
Cosmohumanism, Psychoinformatiology, Eniomedicine, Subinformative psychotherapy, Cosmopsychoenergosuggestology, Cosmoenioufology, Cosmoeniopsychology, Psychoenergoholography, Enioecology, Enioart, Valeology, Rehabilitation, Eniosports, Eniomedicine, Eniogenetics, Eniopedagogy, Rhetoric, Enioeconomics, etc.

Albert A. KLOS – IGNATENKO is a scientist-cosmist, an active public worker and an enlightener with a world-renowned name. He has made a significant contribution to the development of spiritual and moral informatization of the World Society, and is the founder of Cosmohumanistic teaching, as well as created the foundations for new scientific directions: cosmoeniopsychology, psychoinformatiology, cosmoenioufology, cosmoeniomedicine, cosmoenioart, cosmoeniopedagogy, cosmoeniosports, etc.

Albert A. KLOS – IGNATENKO (born March 4, 1943 in Ukraine) – grand doctor of philosophy, biological and energy information sciences. Grand Doctor of International Security Sciences, full professor of the Worldwide Designated University, International and European Informatization Academy (UN associate member), head of the psychoinformatics department, professor of the International University of Fundamental Training (in the Oxford education system).

The goal of his life is the creation of a spiritual-informative civil society of the Third Millennium, a unified and indivisible Cosmohumanistic “Golden Age” Civilization, with highly spiritual, intellectually and physically healthy people who possess genius abilities, who express the ideals of the philosophy of Love, Goodness and Light, and live according to Father Creator’s spiritually informative Cosmic Laws.