Healer Oskars Peipiņš invites you to

Author School of Practical Healing – “Art of Healing”.

Classes take place in person and/or on the ZOOM platform.

School classes are held according to a 7-step system: no age limit.

Unique and effective methods of an integrated approach to human health will allow you to really heal yourself and learn how to heal others, a synthesis of theory with practice will provide the desired result!

Stage I – “The Art of Being Yourself”;

Stage II – “The Art of Healing Yourself”;

Stage III – “The Art of Being Healthy”;

Stage IV – “The Art of Radiating Light”;

Stage V – “The Art of Being Conscious and Seeing Without Looking”;

Stage VI – “The Art of Loving and Being Loved”;

Stage VII – “The Art of Healing Others”.Languages ​​in the classroom: Latvian, Russian.

Or with your translator into another language.

Address: st. Terbatas 49/51-1 (door code – 1), Riga, Latvia.

Information and appointment by phone: +371-67275910 and +371-29489221.