Symbolics of the League shall be formed (please, see Annex No. 1) of five-point star as a feature of pentasystem – the symbol of the life area accepted in the modern biophysics. There in the centre of the star is a human figure, which symbolises the so-called “golden mean” ideal (a piece of graphic arts of Leonardo da Vinci “Human Body Proportions”). There in the left part above the human body depicted in the star, is a picture of ancient Egyptian symbol of perpetual life – “Anha”. There in the right part above the human body depicted in the star, is a picture of Sacred Grail – a symbol of spiritual purity, lucidity and altruistic human relations. There in the left part below the human body depicted in the star, is a picture of symbol “Hermes Caducei”, which in esoteric tradition means the bioenergy functioning principle in human microcosm. There in the right part below the human figure depicted in the star, is a picture of sacred rose  - a stylised symbol of Rozenkreizers. This rose means the unity of all religions in common synthetic scientific religious education. There below the human figure depicted in the star, is the ancient symbol of the East – “monad”, which means the law of universal integrity and polar principles interaction of the System of Universe. The entire composition symbolises the statement of ancient Greek thinker. philosopher and scientist Protagor (VI century Before Christ): “A human is a criterion for all things – existing existence and non-existent non-existence”. The picture is encircled by two circles where is the text. There in inner circle are the wide known expression in Latin “Mens sana in corpore sano” (in English – “Healthy spirit in healthy body”); “Natura sanat” (In English – “The Nature cures”); “Cura te ipsum” (in English – Cure your own yourself ). There in the upper part of the outer circle is written the name of the society in Latvian – “Vispasaules Dziednieku līga”, in the lower part – in English ‘”World Healers League”.



invites all healers of the world to own ranks; 

special Qualification Committee of the WHL performs testing on a regular basis and issues Certificates of international standard with the permit to practice all over the world;

establishes branches of the WHL in every country of the world; 

collects and systemizes the world experience in healing and traditional folk medicine; 

places data about its members with the World Register of Healers and on its Internet page; 

holds international forums and arranges trips to "Places of Force"; 

confers special awards "for outstanding services in field of healing"; 

invites the allied organizations and individuals  concerned to co-operation;